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We are members of National Benedictines for Peace


The Call

Mission Statement: The Benedictine charism of peace challenges us to witness to gospel values. Recognizing this call to be peacemakers, Benedictines For Peace (BFP) gives a common voice to a vision of peace as we confront the violence of our day with the love of Christ that it might be transformed by our prayers and actions.



Benedictines have long adopted as their motto the Latin word PAX to symbolize their charism as peacemakers.

National Benedictines for Peace was organized in 1980 in response to the threat of nuclear war. It was revitalized in 1995 with the purpose of networking Benedictine communities in a peace-filled response to the violence that threatens our world today.

BFP members make a commitment to a nonviolent way of life that includes prayer and fasting for peace and the willingness to learn more about the spirituality and practice of nonviolence.

Through their membership in BFP they join others who share this desire for peace in advocating for justice and nonviolence. The solidarity of Benedictines standing for peace is expressed through common prayer services, petitions and special projects.

A volunteer committee provides leadership to BFP and communicates with members by means of regular mailings that include ideas for prayer and action.

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